Motherly Love

Motherly Love

Hi – Joan Ricotta here, with a picture of some most precious rings that fill my heart with memories of “Motherly Love.”

Top row are all rings from my Mom over the years. First, my December birthstone ring she bought for me when I was about eight years old from Zeigler’s Jewelry Store in Houtzdale where we lived at the time; Second, a black and white pearl ring she bought me at Ricotta Jewelry (at that time still called O’brien’s Jewelry) in Philipsburg when I graduated from PO at age 17; Third, a black onyx with a diamond ring that I liked of hers and she gave me when I was around 20 years old and maybe also from Zeigler’s.; Fourth, a diamond ring she purchased at Ricotta Jewelry that she left to me when she passed away in 2019.

Bottom row are four of the current styles, out of many, that we have in stock at Ricotta Jewelry for you to choose from to give the lasting gift of a life long memorable gift of jewelry this Christmas, from your hometown jewelry store, Ricotta Jewelry since 1968!

Ask about  extended hours the week of Christmas, call (814) 342-3709 for more info.

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